The state statistics service has recorded a significant growth of Ukrainian exports to the EU countries and the CIS

The export of Ukrainian goods in the first two months of this year increased by 32.7% compared to the same period atkim 2016.

According to the State statistics service of Ukraine.

If last year Ukrainian exports had negative balance (the decline amounted to 21.3%, in particular in EU countries – minus 2.1 per cent) in January-February 2017 exports to the EU grew by 16.2%.

Most of all Ukrainian goods were exported to Belgium (+78.6 per cent), Lithuania (+45,23%), Austria (+ 38,1%), the Czech Republic (+37,1%) and Poland (+36.5 per cent). However, decreased exports to France (-13,4%), Germany (-4%) and the Netherlands (-1,8%).

Rapidly recovering Ukrainian exports to the CIS countries. Selling Ukrainian goods in Belarus increased by 58,4%, Russia – 54,4%, Moldova – by 22.8%.

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Significant growth of exports, the state statistics service records in India (132,8%), Iran (79.7%) and Turkey (48.8 per cent). But exports to China fell by 41%.

in General, during January-February Ukraine exported goods ,27 billion (in the EU ,44 billion in the CIS ,9 billion).

Import of goods to Ukraine during this period increased by 22.1% to 7 billion import Growth from the EU was 13.4%, with CIS countries – 51,1%.