I’m not a Jedi knight and I have no sword. Holodnitsky unveiled new aspects of “schemes.”

The former people’s Deputy Mykola Martynenko their actions and influence helped to create the schema on the enterprise “Eastern mining and processing plant”, which bought the uranium through an intermediary at an inflated price.

About this TSN said the head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky.

“The investigation revealed that the suspect Martynenko was actually the organizer of this scheme. Yes, he was the head of the company “Vostok”. But his actions, his influences and the evidence we gathered, we prove that Martynenko is the organizer of this scheme. Than it is proved? This can be proved by a number of evidence that we will present in court when the proceedings on the merits. Now we only serve essential when considering preventive measures”, – said the Prosecutor.

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He noted that recently published a scheme under which money from state-owned enterprises, namely the part of the money went to the accounts of the Austrian company. “There is a state enterprise “Eastern mining”, which need uranium for their activities. Instead buy it directly from the manufacturer or the person who produces now is Kazakhstan, it was bought through an Austrian intermediary. He took part in the competition and told me that they are producers, but in fact, the firm was engaged only in transportation,” says Golodnitsky.

Thus, according to the investigators, in Kazakhstan, the amount of uranium was sold for 57 million dollars, and arrived in Ukraine already in the Austrian firm for $ 74 million. Consequently, the difference between these figures is the amount of losses caused by state enterprise state. We are talking about 17 million 200 thousand dollars.

“I asked why Prosecutor for damages in 360 million hryvnia requests a Deposit of 300 million. Because he was not alone. There is personal responsibility. We believe that this amount of collateral that we are requesting sufficient consistent with his participation and actions”, – said the head of SAP.

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Nazar Golodnitsky noted that the consequence of the practice, when asked about the amount of collateral in the rate of the damage to ensure compensation. “Remember predecessor? With the loss of 2 billion – 100 million bail. And say that it is the Prosecutor’s office. It is not the prosecution does – we do everything to ensure maximum compensation for the losses at the stage of pre-trial investigation. When the sentence will be decided – will decide how the funds return. But – I’m not a Jedi knight, and I have no sword that chops off heads right and left. It’s not the democratic way. And if we want to build a state of law, I always say you cannot build a state of law by illegal methods. Yes, perhaps it’s the TV looks ugly, but we act by legal means. If we fail to act by legal means, then, sorry, the country is doomed to failure,” he stated.

We will remind, Mykola Martynenko after two sleepless nights in detention a preventive measure – personal guarantee of people’s deputies and Ministers. Prosecutors intend to appeal the judge’s decision. On remand, Martynenko will stay until June 20. During this time, prosecutors shall complete the investigation and forward the case to the court.