Scientists have discovered the secret to a good selfie

Scientists have discovered that selfies have to do with the left side.

A relevant study was conducted by a specialist in cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience, Professor at the University of Melbourne La Trobe Dr. Annukka Lindell.

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She revised 2000 selfie taken by two hundred users of social networks. It turned out that 53,17% prefer to substitute for selfies left cheek, not right. The right substitute 46,83%, that is a minority.

And this despite the fact that only 10% of respondents were left-handed, i.e. holding phone with the left hand (as often happens when the “left”, self) it was convenient, only 10% of participants.

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Dr. Lindell explained the phenomenon of the “left” selfie fact that such a perspective makes your face look more lean, “emotionally open and expressive.” And here’s a selfie in which on the foreground of the right cheek, devoid of similar characteristics.

Recall that the desire of Teens to do extreme self often ends in death. So, in Kharkiv died in hospital the teenager, who was electrocuted while trying to take a picture at the pole the mains.