The former head of the SBU said that the explosion of a car of the OSCE is politically beneficial for Russia

The explosion of a car of the OSCE observers in the occupied Luhansk oblast is politically beneficial for Russia to demonstrate the inability of the Ukrainian authorities to control the situation on the background of the civil war, as well as intimidation of the West.

About this on air of one of Ukrainian television said the former Deputy Chairman of the SBU Igor Smeshko, writes UKRINFORM.

He added that Russia constantly says that she is not a party to the conflict, and the Donbas is a “civil war”.

“And she blames that our government should control the situation, including, and in the occupied territories. Although we have no possibilities. From a law enforcement point of view, our intelligence agencies also cannot be responsible for these things,” he concluded.

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It became known how many times the observers of the OSCE was in danger in the Donbas

We will remind, on April 23, in the explosion of the car of the OSCE near Prishib village in the occupied territory of the Luhansk region killed one member of the mission, two more got wounds. The mission said that six patrol moved in two armoured vehicles when the explosion occurred.

People’s Deputy of Ukraine and member of the Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko said that the deceased was a citizen of great Britain Joseph stone. Agency Reuters citing the Austrian foreign Ministry reported that the victim worker, the OSCE was a U.S. citizen.

Also the explosion was shell-shocked citizen of Germany Willow Gmelin. She was taken to a hospital in Lugansk, where she was provided medical assistance.