The Ranger explained the accident on Gostomel highway with the boxer nodular and moose

Morning accident on highway Gostomel near Kiev, when posledovich Ukrainian boxer knocked down a moose, is not a rarity for this stretch of road. This was stated by the local forest Ranger, says the story TSN.16:45.

The man examined the carcass of a dead animal and stated that it was a young female. “Three or four years. Here they go,” explained the inspector forestry Vitaly School. According to him, across the pavement is the migration trail of the animals, so the elk feel themselves masters, and calmly crossing four lanes highway. To help the problem could have high fences, but their installation is not talking.

The lawyer of the boxer Michael Prysiazhniuk assures that the animal ran from the woods suddenly and Uzelkov had no chance to avoid collision. “He was moving at the correct speed – 75 km/h. The moose ran, guilt Slavik in it,” says the lawyer. According to him, a boxer, but seriously shaken. His car needs serious repair, it from the accident scene, the wrecker took away. And the body of the moose will be taken for veterinary examination.

The TSN reporter Anton Strashko