Brilliant trick: the father for a few seconds drugged baby sound “Om”

Motivational speaker Danielle Eisenman demonstrated in the Network an excellent trick to stop a baby crying in seconds with one sound.

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It’s already got 25 million views and became viral. The father was broadcast live through Facebook, when his daughter started to cry. He made a long sound of “Om” and then the baby started to calm down and for a few seconds quietly asleep. A panacea it is suggested to soothe a crying baby.

Users were impressed with the trick of the father, which uses the famous sacred mantra of Hinduism and Buddhism of Tibet “Om” as a remedy to calm crying baby. They believe that the sound mimics the noise that a baby hears in the womb.

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Users began to use the trick of the father and claim that it works. And one of the users noticed that the baby just “was a Buddhist monk in a past life”.

We will remind that earlier the trend of online has become a baby who laughs in her sleep.