The inhabitants of the Town returned the light

In the original restored power supply.

About it reported in a press-service GU gschs of Ukraine in Donetsk region.

“As of 08.00 on 28 April from the Main Department in the city of Avdeevka attracted 12 generator sets. The city continues to supply electricity under the new power lines”, – stated in the message.

As noted, in the present divisions of GU are in full operational readiness to perform assigned tasks in case of urgent need.

“Connecting local infrastructure to Autonomous power sources is necessary”, – said in SSES.

Recall, disabling the high-voltage line 110 kV “– Makeyevka plant No. 2” took place on Saturday, April 22. As a consequence, discontinued the power supply of Avdeevka (22 thousand people), 11 communities yasinovatskiy area (3,145), Avdiivka coke plant and Donetsk filtration station.