The President has terminated the citizenship of Ukraine the people’s Deputy Artemenko – Lyashko

President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree on the termination of citizenship of Ukraine, people’s Deputy Andriy Artemenko. In 2005 Artemenko received citizenship of Canada.

About this in Facebook wrote the people’s Deputy Oleg Lyashko.

“This is a unique and the first in 26 years of Independence when a state official responsible for the violation of the Constitution of Ukraine, which provides only one – Ukrainian – citizen. Now Artemenko and his defenders will cry that the Constitution prohibits the deprivation of Ukrainian citizenship. To deprive – Yes, stop – no, prohibits – said Lyashko.

One of the grounds for termination of citizenship of Ukraine is a voluntary acquisition of citizenship of another state.

“So Artemenko, who himself admitted and confirmed it on interrogation in office of public Prosecutor of Crimea on getting them canadian citizenship, according to the current law has lost the Ukrainian citizenship. Now we will demand that the Parliament at the first plenary meeting, on 16 may ahead of schedule stopped powers as a Deputy Artemenko,” wrote Lyashko.

The MP noted that Artemenko no longer in Ukraine.

“According to my information, today at 6:30 in the morning Artemenko flew to Vienna, Austria. I hope he will be back and will pass a Ukrainian passport, which he traded on a foreign,” – said Lyashko.

facebook/Oleg Lyashko

Earlier it was reported that the Prosecutor General’s office initiated the deprivation of citizenship of Ukraine, the scandalous Deputy Artemenko. The Deputy who wanted to “take” Crimea is leased to Russia, has dual citizenship.