Wounded Ukrainian soldiers and enemy fire from large caliber. Digest ATO

Fighters from the beginning of day 24 times opened fire on strong points of the Ukrainian defenders.

About it informs the press center of staff ATO in Facebook.

On Lugansk the direction from artillery systems of caliber 122-mm and 120-mm mortar shells the enemy fired at positions near Popasna. Of anti tank missile launchers, automatic grenade launchers beat at reference points near Novozvanovka, and heavy machine guns fired on positions near krymske. From small arms the enemy fired at the defenders of Valuyskiy.

On Donetsk the direction from mortars 120-mm and machine guns of large caliber the enemy was shooting at the defenders of the Luhansk and 82-millimetre mortars and anti-tank grenade launchers – Oborona Zaytsevy. 82-mm mortars, grenade launchers and large-caliber machine guns, the enemy used at positions near Avdeevka and the mine Butovka. From anti-tank grenade launchers, the enemy fired on Ukrainian soldiers near Novgorod.

In the seaside area of 82-mm mortars of the enemy is applied to positions near Gotovogo. Mortars caliber 82-mm grenade launchers of various systems and small arms the enemy was firing at strong points near Marinka, and anti-tank grenade launchers at the positions near Pavlopol, Bogdanovka and Krasnogorovka. From small arms and machine guns of large caliber the enemy hit on the strong points of Marines in the area of Water. From small arms the enemy fired at the defenders of Novoselivka Druha.

Since the beginning of the day three soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were injured.

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