Not 3200. What sizes of salaries of the leadership of the CEC

The salary of the Chairman of the Central election Commission Mikhail Okhendovsky in April 2017 amounted to 97,239 thousand UAH (in March – 47,3 thousand UAH).

More than half of the money – 51,385 thousand UAH – Stations counted as financial assistance for rehabilitation. 2,5 thousand UAH – temporary disability benefits, 5.3 thousand UAH – selling, 5.2 thousand UAH – the average salary during stay in business trip, salary and allowance for the intensity of labor – 9474 UAH (full salary of the Chairman of the CEC in developing all working days is 15 thousand UAH), 9.2 thousand UAH personal allowance, 3,7 thousand UAH – allowance for years of service, 947 UAH – for work under conditions of regime restrictions. Write about this “Ukrainian news”.

Deputy Chairman of the CEC Andriy Mahera for April received 95.3 per thousand UAH salary (March – 93,4 thousand UAH). Of these, 48.2 thousand – financial aid for the decision socially-household questions. The full salary when practicing all working days in Mahera is 13.5 thousand. So all the rest is allowances, bonuses, vacation pay.

Another Deputy Chairman of the CEC Zhanna Usenko-Black for April were 49,2 thousand UAH, and in March she was 96.3 thousand UAH. Her full salary is 13.5 thousand, the rest is allowances, bonuses, compensation for working on weekends.

We will remind, the minimum zarplata in Ukraine is 3.2 thousand UAH.