Militants continue to fire from banned weapon: damaged houses and school – SCCC

As of 23:00 on 7 may, the militants 58 times opened fire on positions of ATO forces and settlements of Donbass.

This informs the JCCC on their own page in Facebook.

According to the report, the enemy has used banned weapons: “20 artillery shells of 152 mm caliber, 93 artillery shells in caliber of 122 mm, 121 Mina caliber 120 mm, 145 min caliber 82 mm, AGS, infantry fighting vehicles and all types of small arms”.

The militants were shelling the positions of the APU, as well as in areas near Water, Katerinovka, Novozvanovka, Crimean, Questionnaire, Krasnogorivka, troyitske, Popasna and Verhneuralskogo.

“At the initiative of the Ukrainian side of the JCCC the “Silence” проводився51 times, making victims among civilians managed to be avoided”, – stated in the message.

Around 17:20, the terrorists released by Trinity 3 artillery shell in caliber of 122 mm. In result the shell hit the school, to the garden plot, as well as the damaged power lines to two homes.

About 21:20 in Luhansk direction militants hit the positions of AFU near the settlement and to the settlement Popasnaya.

The shelling of the 120 and 82 mm mortars were destroyed the car, killed the power line to one of the houses, in the other two houses shattered Windows.

“Such actions of illegal armed groups ORDO testify to grave violations and blatant unwillingness to adhere to the commitments in the framework of the Trilateral contact group, conscious planning and carrying out terrorist acts against the civilian population and provocations against members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, – stressed in the SCCC.

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We will remind, for the past day militants in the Donbass 45 times opened fire on strong points of the Ukrainian military. Five members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were injured.