Without the pump and work on the future: in Kiev, on victory Day I took an oath of recruits of the army

On 9 may, the government in Kiev said without pomposity. Traditionally, the heads of state laid flowers at the tomb of the unknown soldier and the Museum of the Second world war, the oath Priesly several hundred recruits, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Only a few world war II veterans still can get to the memorial. However Yakunin, an ethnic Russian woman, recalls his fellow soldiers who died in that terrible war. “Thank you for not forget, because they gave their lives,” she says.

Parents of recruits gathered a few hundred meters from the Park of Glory in the world war II Museum. “Worried, supported his whole family,” says Mariana Bezugly of Cherkasy region. The oath taken by soldiers separate regiment of the President of Ukraine and the 101st separate brigade of General staff. Commanders promised the recruits on the front line of the ATO do not send – much attention is now paid to train and equip.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Country