In Kiev in the middle of may, suddenly it snowed

Today, may 10, in Kiev it was snowing.

Had snowed about 11 o’clock in the Podolsk district of the capital.

Note that in Ukraine partly cloudy. In the Western regions today, without precipitation, but the night was even freezing.

In Kiev at half past six Wednesday morning was only 3 degrees Celsius, atmospheric pressure 741 mm Hg. article, relative humidity 80%, so it is not surprising that snowed.

10 travnia SNG have CIV

Video @LBagatska

Radio Freedom (@radiosvoboda) may 10, 2017.

In General, during the day in the capital passed a small rain. Wind Northwest, moderate. The day temperature is around 10-12 degrees Celsius.

Recall, April 22, – for deterioration of weather conditions was 229 is de-energized settlements in four regions of Ukraine. During the bad weather because of the buildup of wet snow and squally wind broke and fell about 3 thousand 790 trees.

For liquidation of consequences of bad weather were attracted 2 thousand 126 people and 548 units.