“Bad joke”. In the air force embarrassed, comparing the presenter with missing woman

Representatives of the TV show BBC Look North had to apologize after a post in social media about the missing woman, which users have dubbed “a bad joke” and “a manifestation of bad taste.”

Reported by Hull Daily Mail.

In social networks Facebook and Twitter page, shows posted a post in which he compared the missing two weeks ago from his home Renata antczak with journalist Gemma Dawson, referring only to their similar attire and hairstyle.

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To post made the caption: “When your presenter Gemma Dawson looks like ischezla mom… Here’s a link to the news if you can help us find Renata”.


And although the publication was aimed at social in nature, not all Network users understand the “joke” and violently replied to the post in the comments, noting that the air force have “bad taste”. Someone even wrote: “Imagine if her family saw that you’re kidding about the missing mother.”


First, in the comments of the representative of the air force tried to justify himself, saying: “We hoped that it would help to find a woman,” and then a caption to post corrected to: “When your TV looks like news.”

One way or another, but eventually deleted the post and a representative of the BBC said: “We regret that this post could offend someone”.

Note that the 49-year-old Renata antczak disappeared two weeks ago, she was last seen when she took her 11-year-old daughter to school. In the air force noted that they would continue to cover this story, even after the embarrassment to the post.

Recall, mega video with the would-be father Professor Kelly, at the same time the expert of the air force, which live to have bothered their own children, there was a competitor. New Zealand Comedy show Jono and Ben have created a parody of curiosity, but the lead role was a woman.