The U.S. Congress does not exclude the allocation of financial aid to Ukraine to 2018

The head of Committee of national security of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress Michael McCall said that the United States can provide in its budget for the year 2018 the allocation of aid to Ukraine.

This writes Radio Liberty.

“What is happening in Ukraine affects the entire world. If we don’t stop Putin and Russian aggression, it will spread everywhere,” said McCall. He recalled that the United States supports Ukraine since the beginning of aggression of the Russian Federation and is ready to continue.

“We will consider budget allocations to the region in 2018,” concluded McCall.

Earlier, trump had signed a US budget that provides for 560 million dollars in aid to Ukraine. In particular, for military and security assistance to Ukraine until the end of the fiscal year (until October 1) allocate not less than 238 million dollars.