The shelling from “Grad” near Experienced. How was the day in the area ATO

For the past day in the Donbas recorded 59 attacks by terrorists. Four Ukrainian soldiers were injured.

This reports the press center of staff ATO.

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In the Donbass killed 18-year-old Ukrainian military

Coastal areas. In the evening, militants fired nearly three dozen 120-mm mortar on VSU positions near Pavlopol. There were attacks from different weapons near Krasnogorovka, Shirokino, Taramchuk and Marinka.

The direction of Donetsk. According to the military, the situation was very tense night. In the evening the positions of AFU in the area of experience has been fired from MLRS “Grad”. It also remains difficult situation in the southern and Eastern suburbs of the Town, where the night terrorists intensively shelled the strengthening of the military from mortars. In addition, terrorists fired near Nevel and near zaitsevo.

Lugansk direction. Militants shelled Ukrainian positions near Crimson, Valuyskoye, the Village Lugansk and the Donets.

Earlier in the “Information resistance” reported that in the occupied territory of Luhansk region recorded the movement of two columns of military equipment of VSU of the Russian Federation. It went armed Russian soldiers dressed in uniforms of the local “militia”.