Balcon first told how Ukrzaliznytsya will earn and spend in 2017

This was stated by the head of the management Board Wojciech Balczun during the presentation of the draft consolidated financial plan for this year.

According to him, this publication is the first in the history of the OUSE.

Thus, earnings in 2017 can be of 81.7 billion UAH, including from the transportation of 79.6 billion. The costs amount to the level of 81.7 billion, of which expenditures on transportation – 65.9 billion UAH. therefore, net profit will amount to UAH 1.2 bn and EBITDA of RUR 23.4 billion UAH.

The company plans to cut energy costs in the amount of 438 million, raw materials and basic materials for 1 billion 857,7 million. To reduce the losses will be and other credit policies, adminrashody.

Together with the decrease of depreciation total expenditure will decrease by UAH 4.1 bn. The wage Fund will grow by 1 billion UAH 230 million, and land tax on 277,2 million.

Balcon announced that the charges for passenger traffic will not increase, and cargo will grow by 22.5%.

“Such steps will allow us to make the largest capital investment in the history of the railway – UAH 22.7 bn. Moreover, a large part of the funds will be used to resolve the most acute problems is the updating of a rolling stock” – said the Chairman of the company.

Balcon acknowledged that “Ukrzaliznytsia” will negotiate with the business regarding new tariffs of transportation otherwise be curtailed capital investment programs.

Wojciech Balczun also reminded that in 2015 the BONDS received damage at 16.8 billion UAH, in 2016 – 7.3 billion UAH.

We will remind, recently “Interfax” reported that the compensation for leading management personnel of PJSC “Ukrzaliznytsia” in 2016 amounted to 19.2 million. Such data are contained in the consolidated financial statements the BONDS, prepared by EY. According to the document, leading to the reorganization of the management of “Ukrzaliznytsia” were considered members of the Board in number of 11 persons.

It was also reported that the monthly wages of only Balcona is 461 thousand.