The militants “congratulated” with the last bell students entering the school in Krasnogorovka

In Krasnogorovka militants in their usual style, has congratulated Ukrainian children with the completion of the school year. Shell invaders came to school on the day of the celebration of the last call, says the story TSN.19:30.

Fortunately, the fire occurred at a time when the premises and there was no one. There were concerns about the cancellation of the holiday. “We thought, our children will not come, because they are the beds, apparently, was in the basement. And when it is decided that all will see, all come, all are alive and healthy,” said the teacher of initial classes Krasnogorovka school №1 Tatyana Malyarchuk. Subsequently, the wreckage has determined the type of shells that were hitting the city – it was a reactive “Grad”.

Got the military positions. “That night, they have very much covered – 152-mi, the tank worked. Of course, fall on positions, but most cover the private sector,” – said one of the Ukrainian soldiers. The city and the position of APU fell dozens of heavy shells, and that there were no casualties – the locals call a miracle.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Motor