The situation in the zone ATO: militants fired at Krasnogorovka from “Grad” and hit the tank in Lugansk

Sunday, may 28, the militants of illegal armed formations in Donbas carried out 20 attacks on the positions of Armed forces of Ukraine. While the separatists have used heavy artillery weaponsbanned by the Minsk agreements.

This reports the press center of staff ATO as at 18.00.

As a result of attacks of minor wounds and injuries to civilians in Krasnogorovka. Among the Ukrainian military along the line of demarcation were no losses.

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Abroskin has warned about the plans of the militants to fire Krasnogorovka second time after lunch

In the coastal areas under the powerful fire hit Krasnogorovka. Militants shelled fortifications of the ATO forces near the town with mortars of calibers of 120 mm and 82 mm, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, rocket-propelled grenades. 10 missiles from launchers “Grad”, the separatists fired on residential areas of the village. As a result, serious damage was given to the local hospital, school and dozens of homes.

The positions of the AFU at Shirokino militants fired 120-mm mortars, near Chermalyk – mortars 82 mm. At Lebedinsky separatists used grenade launchers, and at Marinka heavy machine guns.

On Donetsk the direction fighters from 120-mm mortars and tanks shelled fortifications of the ATO forces near the village of Lugansk, which is the arc Svetlodarsk. In addition, the separatists of the artillery systems of caliber 122 mm and rocket-propelled grenades opened fire on the AFU positions near Avdeyevka. The Heater and Novoselivka Druha strengthening of the armed forces has come under fire from heavy machine guns.

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At the direction of Lugansk Russian-separatist forces opened fire on strong points of ATO forces near Novoaleksandrovka from heavy machine guns. With grenade launchers covered positions of AFU in the area of Crimea, Donets and Katerinovka.