GIF-diplomacy: CNN drew attention to the trolling of Russia from Ukraine due to Queen Anne

American CNN drew attention to how Ukraine on the social network Twitter zatrollit Russia due to the assignment by Vladimir Putin Queen Anne of Kiev.

“The world has witnessed another innovative use of GIF-diplomacy on Tuesday, when the official Twitter account of Ukraine mocked the official Twitter account of Russia with the help of gifs Simpsons” – said in a CNN article.

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Further, the channel talks about the essence of the conflict that Putin provoked by their statements about the “Russian” Queen Anne and “our” Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

“Saying Putin’s critics have interpreted as an attempt to blur the border between the Russian and Ukrainian history. And, obviously, attempt to assign historical figure is reflected in the context of the ongoing conflict in Crimea,” notes CNN.

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After that, the Internet channel recounts the battle between the official accounts of Ukraine and Russia in Twitter. You can see how was this confrontation on the TSN website.ia.