Reporters found the link Medvedchuk with the oil and gas business in Ukraine

Viktor Medvedchuk

After the annexation by Russia of Crimea and the outbreak of the war in Donbas the Russian company forced to sell its assets in Ukraine, in particular, did the Russian state company “Rosneft” by selling them Israeli businessman. Journalists of the program “Schemes” to declare that they were able to fix the confirmation of the relationship between him and Viktor Medvedchuk is the godfather of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The assets of this company in Ukraine – nearly 150 gas stations mainly under the brand name “TNK”, a network of storage depots and Lisichansk refinery. The buyer was little known Swiss firm Glusco Energy. It is a subsidiary of another Swiss company – Proton Energy Group, the official owner of which is Nisan Moses.

“With Mr. Medvedchuk’s stage time, as with many other Ukrainian, Russian, European, Israeli, American, public figures and businessmen. We have friendly relations, not business. Nothing Mr. Medvedchuk to these companies has not, they belong to me, I am their sole owner,” said Moses in a written response to the request.

Meanwhile, reporters noted that, despite the ban on direct flights between Ukraine and Russia, one Board has a permit to fly – he, who is Medvedchuk. They noticed that from the airport “Vnukovo” (Moscow) to the airport “Kiev” flew in private aircraft “Falcon 900” on Board, among others, was Nisan Moses. Medvedchuk and Israeli businessman exchanged a friendly goodbye kiss.


Reporters noted that the meeting coincided with the “cleansing” of the market for imports of liquefied natural gas to Ukraine under a new player, who became Moses. At the end of 2016, the traditional importers of liquefied natural gas the problems started: the actions of the SBU, the Ministry of economic development and customs was stopped on the import, and almost simultaneously there were firms which started to import large volumes of liquefied natural gas from Russia.

The experts noted synchronous operations of the Ukrainian security service and the Russian control bodies.

“I was struck by the synchronicity of the actions of the Federal service of export control of the Russian Federation and security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of economic development of the customs service. The customs service together with SBU beginning sharply to clear the area, that is beginning to put pressure on our powerful importers of liquefied natural gas. And there is the Federal service for export control has determined Proton – subsidiary Glusco – as the only exporter resources “Rosneft”, – said the ex-President of the “Association of oil market operators of Ukraine” Leonid kosyanchuk.

The investigation of journalists showed that then the market is cleared under the four firms, one of which is “middle of the drawno Ukraine” of Nisan Moses, and the remaining three are connected with it through managers. They all started smoothly in large volumes to import into Ukraine of Russian gas, Rosneft, while other importers SBU showed a red light.

“From what the man could be such a synchronous action, and that this side? Except Medvedchuk, I have no Association no,” said kosyanchuk.