Festival “All together – for the family!” at the Postal square was attended by about 30 thousand people


The Postal area in Kiev Saturday morning and until Sunday evening attracted thousands of residents and guests of the capital. Last weekend there was held a large-scale festival “All together – for the family!”. It was organized by the movement “All together” in partnership with a coalition of Pro-family public organizations. Among the participants are couples with children and without, young people and older people, tourists and visitors.

The opening was marked by a colourful procession throughout the area – colored costume column headed by actors on stilts. The festival organizers provided an interesting and useful family entertainment for all ages, has prepared a varied program and planned all the locations. And the first five thousand visitors were given a magnet with the words “All the time – for family, Yu!”

Reconstructed Postal area is a very convenient place to hold such an event. The scene is the lounge chairs around the open verandas of the restaurants for wanting to eat, lots of places to visit locations of the festival. Those wishing to relax was occupied by benches in the shade or sat on the grass. And all this under the breeze near the Dnieper river.

In addition to the main stage, where from morning to evening was held a concert program for children and adolescents, throughout the Postal area of a circle is about 30 locations family service. Moms were invited to visit the tent to talk about health and beauty, they were provided with useful information about the courses of raising children. Men were obviously pleased area, a food court with burgers and street workshop where it was possible with his son to build a birdhouse or other wood products.

And, of course, was the opportunity to compete in contests of strong men with dumbbells and even a drag car. Also married couples could compete for aging physical exercise – squats, holding hands. The hardy – received gifts and medals.

For kids operated special education-entertainment area called “planet Kids”. Mothers with children took place and watched the program from the stage of the branded truck. Fidget went to play floorball or football on the sports area. Kids pleased with the good performance of the robot Robik from “Superbook”club.

All charmed show with the liquid nitrogen from Professor Serenius. The wizard worked wonders on the scene: scoring bananas nails, kristallsaal rose and gave a memorable show.

Do not forget about the lovers of folklore. Speech ensemble “Vesnyanka”, Kyiv national University named after Taras Shevchenko. Plus – during the day – the draws and valuable prizes from sponsors. Separately awarded a large family with adopted and biological children, and families of soldiers ATO, immigrants, spouses who have been married 40 years or more, and a young couple that he was going to marry.

Evening scene gathered lovers of quality music. It was made by Tim J, Roman Vashchuk, Narnia, The Cavaliers. Headlining the evening programs were popular singer Kishe (recently celebrated 20 years of marriage), as well as the legendary group “Dруга Rika” (lead singer Valery harchishin is the father of many children).

“This year has been the biggest festival “All together for his family!” we’ve ever done, – said Ruslan Kukharchuk, the head of the organizing Committee. – We thank the organizations that participated in the process with us. Partners and sponsors has made a big contribution to make this possible. But the main joy is the thousands of people of Kiev and guests of the capital visiting family festivals have already become a good annual tradition.”

The festival “All together – for the family!” held in Kiev every year since 2010. Currently, this tradition of street family holidays spread over dozens of towns and villages across the country.