Utility test: in the Kiev house 5 days live without gas and water

In Kiev the house is disconnected from gas for five days through the search for leaks in the system. Angry people were not only without food but also without hot water, because heating is carried out in kettles, says the story TSN.19:30.

Residents staged a spontaneous protest, because without the ability to eat normally and bathe for almost a week, sitting children and the old pensioners. The gas company charges to slow the works down, but complain that not all tenants are at home, so housing inspection is delayed.

An additional reason for the discontent of tenants is the requirement to obtain permission to use installed 10 years ago boilers. Residents are surprised that have to pay for any more paper, if the already pay for the consumed gas. The utility explained that the contract for the supply of gas does not solve technical issues. Together with the claims from Pechnikov safety ventilation tenants will have to spend on implementation of requirements for 2 thousand hryvnias. “We’re just in shock,” recognized people.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Shilko