The MP barn is in the hospital after an overnight accident

MP Oleg Barna after an overnight crash on Victory square in Kiev is in the hospital.

This MP told TSN on the phone.

Details about his condition, the MP said, in a weak voice, jokes that “he’s got the sniffles”. In General, says that “everything is fine”, however, should remain some time under medical supervision. How many will lie in hospital, not specified.

Barna also said that the car was the one denying the information that it was another passenger.

We will remind, the car, at the wheel which was the people’s Deputy from “Blok of Petro Poroshenko” Oleg Barna, at high speed crashed into the night the train at the Victory square in Kiev. Blow was such force that a 20-ton train off the track and the front of the car has become a pile of scrap metal. To prevent fire, several witnesses immediately rushed to pour auto extinguishers. According to eyewitnesses, was driving it to the MP, he was taken to the hospital. Details of the doctors was not disclosed. The cause of the accident find law enforcement officers.