After the rent increase janitors in Kiev unable to 9 thousand per month

In August, the majority of Kyiv residents will see utility bills with the new, almost twice as large digits for the rent. Officials attribute this to the fact that the current rate for the maintenance of houses and adjoining areas unprofitable, and the service is often substandard, according to a story TSN.19:30.

According to them, the tariff for this utility service has not changed since 2010 and now stands at a maximum of 3.14 UAH per square meter of living space, whereas in the commercial hoo is 7 UAH. Utility zheki July 1 and ordered to work at the rate of 5.80 UAH.

Video settings August the people of Kiev will receive new bills with more than double the rent

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:23

Officials suggest Kiev residents not to panic but to count the total amount of monthly payments will generally increase by no more than 5%. Thus a 10 percent discount for timely payment will remain in force, as well as subsidies. The services promise the best, because hoo will get more money for their needs.

However, Kyiv residents are skeptical: they say, still nobody knows what actually will these additional funds. The efficiency of the utilities the resident Aleksandr Uryupin demonstrates on the example of a working lighting lamps at 15:00 hours of the day. Regarding the quality of all the services included in the rent, he is willing to discuss. And some, such as the cleaning of roofs and cellars, in the opinion of Kiev, have no meaning, therefore no one does. “The roof is all leaky, basement drainage,” – said the resident of the capital.