In Ukraine, may prohibit hostels

Hostels in Ukraine may finally be banned. The Parliament has prepared a bill which would prohibit the owners of premises to use them for other purposes.

Hostels – cheap and practical way to spend the night, at the same time, can bring a lot of problems. This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

Hostel converted into a mini-hotel apartment. It is a modern and cheap alternative to hotels, which came to Ukraine from Europe. But the Ukrainian version of such institutions does not always correspond to any norms.

Journalists “Sedanka” decided to check the quality of services in the hostel and spend the night in one of these – in the center of Kiev on the last floor of “Stalinka”. The entrance was dirty, the Elevator is not working. For 70 hryvnia offered to spend the night on a regular bed, and 100 hryvnia – the so-called VIP-a bed, new mattress. The kitchen is dirty. Garbage, cockroaches and unbearable stench. This service you will receive 100 hryvnia. In hostel 16 beds, and all this in a small room.

Dirt, stench and questionable contingent make life unbearable neighbors. However, not all hostels in Ukraine in a terrible state, there are comfortable and convenient, in which the number of beds corresponds to the area of the room, there are separate shelves and racks. And most importantly – clean and tidy.

Videosde checked whether the Ukrainian hostels European standards

Snidanok 1+1

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