In the Donbas, the Russian military tipsy wanted to dismantle electricity pylon and fired on local residents

Yesterday, June 19 at the Donbass there was a skirmish between soldiers of the Russian occupation troops and the locals.

This was reported in the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Facebook.

The militants, being in an alcohol intoxication, tried to dismantle the tower of high voltage power lines. Meanwhile, local residents tried to prevent the looting.

Because of the provided resistance, the soldiers opened fire with small arms.

On the same day a soldier just drunk behind the wheel of a car without a driver’s license shot down a civilian on a motorcycle. The injured motorcyclist received severe injuries.

Now the command of the military unit is trying to hide the involvement of the criminal to the Russian occupation forces by his dismissal of the previous number.

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Recall that nand Donbass, the Russian military hand over on scrap metal, the property of industrial facilities. It is noted that theft of property of the Russian military industrial facilities in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbass continues.

in particular, the fixation unit 7 separate mechanized infantry brigade (Bryanka) 2 AK dismantle equipment in order to further its delivery of scrap metal. Intelligence reports that such dismantling are carried out on the territory of the mine “Udarnik” of the State enterprise “Snezhnoeantratsit” Chistyakova.