In the Kiev zoo choose a name for the 300-pound hippos

The adult film star or a friend of Shrek – the zoo Oberoth name for the little hippos. From: Pamela, Fiona and Gloria, says TSN.16.45.

300-pound baby recently revealed publicly until nearly a year kept in a closed enclosure, a Hippo was bukalasi people and loud noises.

Lily, Fiona – across from begemotik lined up ballot boxes. Call the inhabitant of the cage is easier than to discern.

Head of the Department of ungulates Victoria brings to TSN begemotiha the rear. Last year “the girl” held aloof from the visitors adapted to the conditions of Kiev.

Video settings the Metropolitan zoo choose a name for your little hippos

TSN. 16:45

Today, 17:29

Two-thirds of the time the baby eats fruits, vegetables, hay, grass. The rest is sleeping, or pretending to. While the official name not chosen newly from Kiev tens prozvan.

“Who calls, as you like, Hippo, kitty, Bunny,” says the nurse.

Born “copita Bunny” in an Italian zoo in Kiev sent her kid. Only apples in the bucket over the Hippo turns around and walks back to the driftwood.

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