The day after the fire on Khreshchatyk on the ashes of a historic building allowed journalists

Rescuers continue work in the building of the former Central Department store on Khreshchatyk. There check thick wooden beams and dismantle all structures that can collapse, says the story TSN.19:30.

“Still some pockets of fire that we must eliminate. And the owner of the facility shall make all so that strangers do not enter,” – said the head of the Department response emergencies Andriy Kolodiy. However, from the ashes even journalists and shop owners. Latest to talk about their loss don’t want, but so you can see – there is not a lot.

Videoactivity sure fire on Khreshchatyk – it’s arson for the sake of this piece of land

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:34

Police in pre-criminal proceedings for intentional destruction of property. In the city administration in a hurry with his own construction work. Both experts and public activists believe that it was arson. “It’s a step up from the despair of the developers. And they just destroyed the object values. And there is nothing to restore. And when there is no subject of protection, when there is no subject for discussion to save, then they build what they want,” – said Viktor Gleb.

Project “restoration” of the owner of the monument back in 2012, the year planned to build 10 more floors and the attic. Social activist Olena Tereshchenko collected documents about the development the last 5 years. “This project in 2013 was approved by the Ministry of culture. The Ministry also provided the necessary letters. Here’s how it sounds – restoration, rehabilitation and adaptation of the monument of local importance”, says Tereshchenko. For this, the Ministry of culture responded by letter, stating that permission to work in the building is not allowed.