The capitalization of “PrivatBank” will provide 38,5 billion hryvnia

During the extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 23 June, was accepted the decision on additional capitalization of “PrivatBank” government 38.5 billion.

This was during the briefing said Finance Minister Oleksandr danylyuk.

It is noted that the process of capitalization will occur in two phases by the issue of bonds of domestic Treasury bonds in exchange for Bank shares.

“The first stage is to issue government bonds in the amount of 22.5 billion hryvnia. Monetization of these bonds is not provided, and therefore additional capitalization of the Bank will not affect the currency market and the rate of inflation,” – said during a briefing.

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The former owners of “PrivatBank” has filed a lawsuit against the national Bank

The auditors of the Bank stated that he was in a worse condition than was believed at the time of transition to state ownership, and was forced to create additional reserves” to cover losses from credit operations”.

Earlier it was reported that prior to July 1, shall receive the audit report of “PrivatBank”, which prepares the company E&Y. there were two versions of the draft document. Optimistic provided for additional capitalization of the financial institution for another 36-38 billion UAH, and pessimistic – 50 billion UAH.

“PrivatBank” nationalized the end of December 2016. Now the Bank is 100% owned by the state and subordinated to the Ministry of Finance. Meanwhile, the former owners are challenging the nationalization of “PrivatBank” in court. Lawyers say that one of the grounds of the return of the institution to the state property was declared by the national Bank the number of credits issued to certain persons, but the cause is still not confirmed.

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25 December 2016, 22:39