The son of the deceased in Kiev, the volunteers, the ATO told TSN details of the murder of his father

Yaroslav Oliynyk, the son of the deceased on the eve near the Golden gate volunteer, told TSN the details of the tragic incident.

The day before the tragedy on his Facebook page, guy shared the joy graduated with honors from the Conservatory. It supports the happy father – Sergey Oleynik. And today there’s a new photo and message loss.

In his free time, Jaroslav was often entertained with their music visitors of the parks. The speech near the Golden gate was no different from the previous one.

Video settings police has released details of the murder of the Chairman of the Union of migrants in Ukraine

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Father Yaroslav was stabbed twice in the abdomen and chest. Doctors, though, and arrived quickly, fought for life, but eventually pronounced him dead. Witnesses said about a drunken man who attacked.

“He just walked up to him and inflicted two knife wounds. Before that, I was told that between them there was a scandal already. Has arrived a police squad in front of it,” said an eyewitness Stanislav Kryz’ke.

Sergey Oleynik and a half years in the ATO led the reconnaissance company of the 14th brigade. Upon returning home, engaged in the human rights of migrants. Quarrels with the killer turns out there were several.

“We sat, something rustled, someone fell, we looked back on something big there is over small. I asked you don’t touch. He began his call. We great said, be smart go there”, – said the Museum guard.

The second clash occurred 10 minutes after the cops left. About this TSN said today the son of the deceased. It is difficult to say, but I have. Because some of the media began to spread lies, they say, fought two drunks. In fact, the father defended Yaroslav. To it first landed is unknown. Wanted to take the money that was left Kiev, thanks for the music.

“He started to threaten me. He approached me, it turned into a conflict, he began to swing, came the Pope, stood up for me and led me to the side,” – says Yaroslav.

The quarrel seems to have calmed down. Yaroslav said, Packed up, went to friends, the father stayed with my mother on the bench. The guy did not know that the killer went home for the knife.

“Come in about 25 minutes, dad covered in blood on the bench, mommy’s close, daddy was killed, I got a shock, I can’t figure out how that happened,” says guy.

The wife of the deceased in a state of shock also took the ambulance. Yaroslav says the father has military training, it just caught me off guard.

The killer lived right across the street from where it happened. It was given that he ran immediately to the door of her house, took the keys and disappeared inside.

Neighbors shocked. Say the man never showed aggression, had a family, though, and often abused alcohol.

Recall, parting with Sergei Oleinik will be held June 25 at the Ukrainian house.

By TSN correspondent Ivan Grebenyuk