“The Kremlin canned” or “most honest edition”: in Parliament arguing for the detention of Guzhva

The Verkhovna Rada responding to a new case, which involves the people’s Deputy from “Radical party”, says TSN.12:00.

According to investigators, the Deputy Linko was released in late March, individuals who identified themselves as members of Guzhva and warned about the preparation of the incriminating publications and proposed to prevent the appearance of these publications for a fee. Is the sum of 20 thousand dollars.

Videolarda Dmitry Linko said about his involvement in the apprehension of the Igor Guzhva

TSN. 12:00

Yesterday, 12:34

Linko addressed to militiamen and all the time handle it, and the day before, brought to its logical end – the detention on the transfer of bribes.

MP does not report any details of the case, nor the result of an unnamed person. Says that his meeting was recorded on camera and promises to publish part of the video.

Parliament responds to this thing in different ways. In the “people’s front” newspaper called “Kremlin canned” and was glad to detention Guzhva, and in the “Opposition bloc” outraged by the events and described the publication as “one of the most honest”. Vilkul declared its readiness to take mediyschikov on bail. But Gerashchenko said about ordinary crime.

“This is a crime – extortion, fraud. Next, the case will go to court. This is not the first trial against Igor Guzhva. If the amount was such, which was proclaimed, it can be up to 10 years in prison. And there are no political issues. It concerns the fact that it is not necessary to demand money for custom-made publications,” – said Gerashchenko.

The parliamentary Committee on freedom of expression while no statement on this occasion did not.

We will remind, in the evening of 22 June, the chief editor of the newspaper “the Country.ia” of the Igor Guzhva was detained. According to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, Guzhva received 10 thousand dollars to not publish the dirt on one of the politicians. The journalist says that the case against him was fabricated.

Note, in 2015, Igor Guzhva was wanted on suspicion of intentional evasion from paying taxes on about $ 18 million. On 1 August he arrived in Kiev and immediately went to the investigator a statement that it did not intend to hide from law enforcement.

On 29 July it became known that Igor Guzhva left the media holding “Vesti Ukraine”, and also stepped down as editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper “Vesti”.

Later, former chief editor of the newspaper “Vesti” Igor Guzhva has made for himself a pledge of $ 1 million 35 thousand 300 UAH (about 850 times the minimum wage), his court-appointed 4 Aug.