Tense day in the area ATO: almost fifty attacks and wounded military APU

Over the past day in the area of ATO two Ukrainian soldiers were injured.

This reports the press center of staff ATO.

In General, the situation in the Donbass remains difficult.

Pro-Russian terrorists continue to fire forces ATO, day or night.

In particular, over the past day the militants 48 times opened fire on Ukrainian positions, including 14 times from Minsk agreements prohibited the artillery.

The most difficult situation is in the Lugansk area.

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Lugansk direction. This section of the line of contact has become the epicenter of fire of enemy activity, as evidenced by the 27 recorded in the last days of the facts of the use of enemy weapons.

Hot were in the area of the bakhmutka road, where the illegal armed groups repeatedly covered heavy fire from mortars of caliber of 120 mm and 82 mm, 122-mm artillery Ukrainian military positions near krymske. In addition, in the evening gunmen opened fire from mortars on our strong points near Novotoshkivske, Novoaleksandrovka, Novozvanovka, Happiness and Popasnaya. Also during the day infantry weapons the bandits were beaten in the district Lobacheve stems and Ninetales.

Coastal areas. Fighters almost never use weapons yesterday during the day, a total of 13 times. However, after dark the enemy again intensified. In particular, the 120-mm mortar rounds were again fired by the Ukrainian fortifications near the Lebedinsky and 82-mm mortars in the area of Talakivka. Also mercenaries have repeatedly opened fire from small arms and grenade launchers of various modifications near Shirokino, Gnutovo, Pavlopol, Bogdanovka and Novotroitsk.

The direction of Donetsk. Yesterday before dawn, the invaders opened fire from anti-tank grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms near the villages of Kamenka and novoselivka Druha. Day in that direction there is relative calm. However, night fighters marked its presence in the area of zaytsevo attack one of the strongholds of ATO forces with mortars caliber 82 mm later of three gangs opened fire from grenade launchers and small arms of different calibers for defensive positions of the APU in the southern suburbs of Avdeevka. Of the same weapons, the militants beaten by the military near the settlement sand.


The construction of the press center of the ATO headquarters for the past days as at 06.00 hours on 24 June 2017 Operational situation in the area…

Published by the Press center of staff ATO 23 Jun 2017

Recall that yesterday, June 23, powerful Pro-Russian fighters fired at positions of the 93rd separate guards mechanized brigade near the village of krymske in the Luhansk region and tried to go on the offensive near the village of Zholobok. It happened on the eve of the “bread of the armistice” that is to come June 24. While there was shelling Crimean separatists pulled military equipment and arms to the Groove. The Ukrainian military has seen attempts of militants to go on the offensive, but probably because of the incurred losses, they retreated.

Videoresize snipers joined the ranks of militants near the village of Crimea

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