Shaved and masturbated in Australia is a thief “gave herself up” before you bring the house utensils

This week in the South-Eastern area of Melbourne, Australia, a thief broke into the house and held it for 5 hours before to draw things.

And during this time the attacker managed to wash, cook their meals and to masturbate. This follows from the videos, shot by hidden cameras in the house, which was recently released by local police. On 25 June, reports the Daily Mail.

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So, the offender broke into the house, however, before to realize their evil plans, he first washed in a bath, shaved, brushed my teeth, cooked myself noodles, played on the Playstation and even sexually satisfied itself involve the police.

The attacker looked to be about 20-30 years. After a 5-hour “relax”, he finally took out from home electronics.

We will remind, on one of the gas stations Wisconsin unknown attempted to steal a Subaru, but his plans were prevented to be realized the owner of the car. A girl named Melissa did not notice how near stopped black car. She saw the thief and decided to stop by yourself.