From Poland to Lviv will pave European railway narrow-gauge railway

From the Rava-Ruska, on the border with Poland to Lviv will pave the narrow rail gauge standard of 1435 mm. such use in Europe, and 60% of all Railways in the world. Ukraine inherited Soviet track width of 1520 mm., And so you have “shoed” trains at the border.

For the construction of euroklei will spend 50 million euros, reports the press service Mininfrastruktury. A new road will connect Lviv and Warsaw.

“The total distance from Warsaw to Lviv is about 330 km European track passes through the territory of Poland and 7 km from Rava-Ruska. It remains to construct the 58 km journey to Sochi. We are now looking for potential investors to build a road to Sochi. Bryukhovychi is a suburb of the city, we are ready to build all the logistics there to podez to Lviv by train and by car”, – said the head of the Lviv railway Ivan Grunyk.

Recall the last six months , “Ukrzaliznytsia” actively open up new routes to Europe.