Lawyer Yanukovych denied the existence of letters about military support for Putin

Obolonskiy district court of Kyiv satisfied the petition of the prosecutors about the beginning of the correspondence trial of the fugitive Viktor Yanukovych, who is accused of treason. This decision can not be appealed, says the story TSN.19:30.

The defense emphasized that Yanukovych has not received a duly executed notice of place and time, Skype communication with the court. Prosecutors said that a video conference Yanukovych appeared on time, when they passed on the Maidan as a witness, but only retrained in traitors started to have problems with communication. The invitation, say prosecutors, the fugitive received, and even put this your signature.

Videopokeria asking for Yanukovych to prison for life

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:26

At the first meeting on the merits prosecutors more hours read the indictment. This time focused on the occupation of the Crimea and details were recalled at the request of Yanukovych in Crimea were “little green men”. Calculated and losses arising from the infidelity is 1 trillion 80 billion UAH only for the Crimea. In the aggregate, the prosecutors ask for life sentence for Yanukovych.

Among the main evidence in the case – the letter from Yanukovich to Putin for March 1, 2014, the text of which the whole world then read the Russian representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin. The defenders of the existence of such a document to deny – they say that Yanukovych asked Putin about his defense and its misunderstood. “There is no such letter. I can provide a copy contained in the case file. She says that Viktor Yanukovych is drawn to protect the population of Ukraine’s Eastern areas and southern areas,” – said the lawyer Vitaly Serdyuk.