Sentry fire and heat: near Marinka ended another truce

Militants continue attacks about Marinka, despite the declared truce. The military said that the enemy aktiviziruyutsya dark at times, says the story TSN.19:30.

On the Ukrainian positions terrorists fired from grenade launchers and mortars continue. Before this attack lasted for an hour. The military said that not too noticed another of the regime of silence, at least a few days and was really easy. “They worked as a despicable, and work,” admitted the soldier Sergei. He says that the enemy did not hesitate to fight against the civilian population – the shells are mostly flies of the Ukrainian forefront and explode in Marinka, where the locals there.

Videopoke of relative calm, militants fired mortar attack in Marinka

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:02

Residents of front street are frankly scared. They even try not to leave the premises without much need. The army from such a fire the occupants are surprised – they say, on the other side there is heaps to keep track of exactly where flying shells and adjust the fire. Why, then, the main blow is necessary on the civilian population – APU fighters don’t understand.

In addition to enemy soldiers ATO near Marinka exasperated and even heat. The thermometer even in the shade record the temperatures far beyond 30 degrees. As reported before, the so-called “bread peace” to gather the villagers harvest bread did not last several days. It was broken by Pro-Russian militants fired from mortars 120 caliber.

The correspondent TSN Alexander Motor