SBU detained informants “DND”, who nursed a pension for his father on the territory controlled by

The security service of Ukraine in Donetsk region detained the informant, “DNR”, when he was crossing the demarcation line.

Reported in a press-service SBU.

“Operatives of the secret service detained the inhabitant of Gorlovka to the checkpoint of entry-departure “Maori” when trying to cross the contact line from the temporarily occupied territory”, — stated in the message.

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On the Donbas and condemned the informant, “DNR”, which was leaked to the militants information about APU email

According to the SBU, the attacker was part of the illegal armed groups and passing information about the locations of personnel and equipment the APU in the area of the antiterrorist operation.

As found by the employees of SB of Ukraine, information accomplice of the terrorists received during periodic visits to the Ukraine-controlled territory to be resolved through the resumption of the issuance of the pension to his father.