The invaders yesterday have used almost the entire range of available weapons – ATO headquarters

The operational situation in the ATO area over the past day has not changed significantly and remains tense.

Swedeni noted in the press center of the ATO headquarters for the past days.

“Yesterday Russian-terrorist gangs 35 times used the weapon against the Ukrainian defenders. Repeatedly fighters beat on our positions and artillery and other Minsk agreements prohibited weapons. Also, the invaders again came to the residential neighborhoods of one of the frontline settlements. In General, yesterday the situation remained tense in Donetsk direction and several were complicated by the seaside. But, in the Luhansk region yesterday there was a relative lull,” – said in the headquarters.

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Also they add that the Primorsky direction. The relative worsening on this front yesterday was recorded late in the afternoon. First of all, the militants were active in the Western suburbs temporarily occupied Donetsk. They rapidly fired at our strong points at the approaches to Krasnogorovka and Marinka. In this case, the invaders used almost the entire range of available weapons, from small arms and grenade launchers, infantry fighting vehicles, mortars of various calibers and cannon artillery caliber of 122 mm

“By the way, during these attacks several enemy ammunition hit the residential quarters of Marinka. According to preliminary information, anybody from local residents has not suffered. Circumstances and consequences are investigated. Also in this area under mortar fire of the enemy last night were our strong points near Shirokino and Water, on the Azov sea coast. In addition, enemy attacks recorded in the area Gotovogo and Lebedinsky, where the invaders repeatedly during the day used various infantry weapons”, – stated in the summary.

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The direction of Donetsk. In this area the contact line in the morning and throughout the day the most stressful situation was near Avdeevka and Heater. There the invaders were systematically beaten with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades, 120 mm and 82-mm mortars, antitank missile systems and the like. Near Kamenka again fired by enemy tanks. At sunset the situation there stabilized somewhat. However, the enemy intensified on other fronts, particularly in the Northern suburbs temporarily occupied by the mercenaries of Gorlovka and Svetlodarskoye arc. So, defenders of Zaytsevy Pro-Russian armed gangs fired several times from APCS, grenade launchers and heavy machine guns. Of the same armament, and mortars of calibers of 120 mm and 82 mm, the fighters shot the Ukrainian soldiers who hold the Fort near Luhansk.

Lugansk direction. Here yesterday was relatively quiet. Only in the area of Novoaleksandrovka in the first half of the day on the Ukrainian military opened fire the enemy sniper.

Over the past day in the fighting, one soldier of the armed forces of Ukraine were killed. Three soldiers of the ATO forces were injured, six more combat injuries.