The commander of the unit told how was taken prisoner by Russian spies in the ATO zone

In the Donbas were detained citizens of Russiawho are fighting on the side of the terrorists holding a part of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions.

As reported in the story TSN.Week, usually to meet the Russians among the militants on the front lines is almost impossible because they work in the rear ORDO. However, after an unsuccessful military intelligence breaches in the enemy was detained Victor Ageev. After 10 minutes of questioning he started to take his accomplices and commanders of the so-called fourth brigade terrorist “LPR”, where the command is headed by the Russians. Known Ageev from spring hunts Ukrainians in the composition of the reconnaissance fighters.

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In turn, the mother of the prisoner Svetlana Ageeva said that the son signed a contract with the Russian army on 18 March this year. He went to serve in Bataisk, where is the 22 brigade of special purpose. On may 5 he sent mom a copy of the order on conferring the title “corporal”.

Svetlana Ageeva, the mother of the prisoner: “I knew. I was sure that he will get a job contract in one of the parts and will to serve.”

It should be noted that near positions of the Ukrainian military acted professionally reconnaissance. What is the Russians are probably professional soldiers, the soldiers understood literally in the first second of the clash. Saboteurs feel confident and relaxed, because the front has a “bread peace”. Captured live, they loudly celebrated the Day of Russia, and at this time watched them Ukrainians. It became clear that a subversive group is ready to move the demarcation line. In this case, the positions of the Russians were installed gallows.

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The commander of the Ukrainian division of Geolog decided to work in advance. The soldiers waited till the enemy group split. Russian Viktor Ageyev, and three Ukrainians surrendered without a fight when they were organized ambush. They waited for the return of the one who was supposed to be the main prize of the operation – Russian instructor of the company. It was called “Instructor Alex.” Under this call sign was hidden experienced Russian commando Alexander Scherba. Almost from the beginning of the war he led the Ukrainian security services. Counterintelligence knew that Alex not only teaches fighters how best to kill Ukrainians. Through it worked one of the channels of arms supplies to the occupied territory.

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Alex and his 18-year-old partner thought returned to her, but was ambushed our intelligence.
Overall, the group is under the leadership of the Russian waited half an hour. “Alex” came to the place where he was ambushed. On offer to surrender, he opened fire.

“It is professionally covered Alexander by Sukhinin, 18-year-old boy from the city of Rovenki. That is, he had thought to avoid this clash. About their training suggests that they both were injured, but even the wounded fought until they were destroyed,” he thought, “the Geologist.”

But Viktor Ageev luck. As a “second room” the commander could take it, and not the 18-year-old boy. Even now, when it becomes clear that her child in a foreign country sends to death by her own government, the mother of the prisoner repeats a favorite mantra of Russian propaganda. The woman claims that the Russian military in Ukraine. She tries to believe the rhetoric of the Russian authorities.

Andriy Tsaplienko, Sergey Kiselev

Videoboyz told about the RAID, during which experienced grabbed the saboteur of the Russian Federation

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