American along with the gorilla revised Network touching video

American Lindsey Costello published the private Instagram photo with a gorilla, which, together with the girl reviewed a video on her phone.

This was reported by “The Mirror”.

A touching moment captured on a photo in one of the zoos in Kentucky.

The girl was delighted with the visit to the zoo. Photo she signed: “My new best friend, and I enjoy watching movies with the baby gorillas”.

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Lindsey shared that when she arrived at the zoo, the older woman showed a gorilla video, and then invited the girl to join her.
Social media users praised the sincerity of the photos.

The joy Lindsay, gorilla even made a hand gesture, inviting the girl and showing that he wants to see something new.

By the way, in the wild, gorillas remained not so much – only about 3 800 individuals. Gorillas are the largest primates on Earth.

We will remind that earlier the gorilla Ash from a zoo in Dallas struck Internet users unmatched dancing in the bathroom. The video has gained hundreds of thousands of views.

Videoamerican gorilla Ash won the Internet lively dance in the water

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June 24, 21:51