In Canada, transgender is fighting for the right of their child to live without a particular gender

In Canada, you may receive a unique child without gender. Not identify the child as a boy or girl demands his father. Or mom, because Cory Doty admits he is neither man nor woman.

About it reports CBC News.

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Doty believes that child – Cyril Etli – older, self-determination, and he’ll tell you who he is. Yet calls him simply “kid.”

A transgender person from British Columbia is trying to obtain a birth certificate since November of last year, but still not succeeded. However, recently he has made concessions and gave Cyril a medical card with an uncertain floor that the child had access to health services.


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According to the lawyer Doty Barbara, rival (which does not write your name and surname with capital letters), birth certificates now contain only male or female gender designation. Some provinces, like Ontario and Alberta, are currently reviewing their policies to include in the documents sebenarnya third gender option.

Doty is a member of the coalition, which is fighting for neopredelennii of sex in documents. He(as) said: “When I was born, the doctors looked at my genitals and made an assumption about who I will be, and these assumptions have followed me and my identity throughout my life.”

“These assumptions were incorrect, and in the end made me do a lot of adjustments since that time,” adds Doty.

Recall that in Britain, doctors are extremely concerned that more and more teenage girls want to make a correction of the genitals. According to doctors, it is the influence of pornography and social media.