American wants to have the biggest hips in the world despite the potential threat to life

American Bobby-Joe Westly wants to set a new world record regarding the biggest hips in the world, reports the Metro.

Currently, the coverage of her hips is 242 cm, it is only 10 cm shorter than the current record – Mikel Ruffinelli.

“My hips make me unique and happy,” – says the woman.

Bobby-Joe has a huge number of fans worldwide, who spread her pictures online. The woman holds a fan meeting where the most active fans pay, so that she was sitting on them.

Six years ago Bobby was diagnosed with an insufficient level of production of thyroid hormones. Nutritionist Bobby told me that her current lifestyle may lead to early death.

Despite this serious warning, Bobby-Joe refuses to lose weight until you reach your goal.

Recall that an American wants to become the heaviest woman in the world to stop moving. Now the woman weighs almost 280 lbs. Each day, her husband cooks for her food and helps her pour through the tube.