Lawyer Chaus denied rumors in social networks about the death of the man

Cuddya-fugitive Nicholas Chaus alive, a source at Facebook, who makes statements about his alleged death cannot be trusted. About it the lawyer of the judge Kim Veremiychyk said in comments to the correspondent of TSN.

As of 12:05 in Facebook in public “Typical Chisinau”, which consisted at the time of publication 3 subscribers, and now – 9, there was a message that the lawyer Chaus’t been out for a few days, and July 3 the police allegedly found the judge’s body in his apartment. This post is on an obscure page quickly gained hundreds of “likes” and reposts.

In Chisinau killed Nicholas Chaus. His friends in Kiev was concerned that Nicholas Chaus’t been out for a few …

Published Typical Chisinau on 3 July 2017.

“This is the first and only article on this website. You understand that such sources should not believe that you and I confirm,” – said the lawyer.

Veremiychyk suspects that this publication involved procedural opponents in regarding the man.

“Our procedural opponents involved. Exactly 2 minutes after there was this information, I handed her the procedural head on the case. I have reason to believe that this is not just Mulk and Mulk, which, launched, or prosecutors, or the NEB,” added Veremiychyk.

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To the question of why they could do so, the lawyer Chaus noted that their opponents demonstrate procedural failure, so I chose the mechanism of injury of family members, relatives of Nikolai who care about him.

“But this is my opinion”, – said the lawyer.

We will remind, on February 28, judge Nicholas Chaus was arrested in Moldova. He came to the police and confessed to crossing the border illegally, it was later transferred to the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office. Together with the Ukrainian had a couple of lawyers, the man was quiet, but was terse. Chaus insisting on political persecution in Ukraine and asks not to extradite him to his homeland.

In Ukraine Chaus in absentia arrested in late January and posted bail 3.7 million UAH. He is suspected of receiving 150 thousand dollars for a positive decision in a criminal case. The bribe he was holding a simple glass jar.

Videocap appeared at the hearing in Moldova

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