“Strenia” I asked the ambassadors of the G7 and the EU protection Ukrainian authorities

The Internet-the edition “Strenia” addressed to the ambassadors of the countries “the Big seven” and the EU delegation to Ukraine due to the implementation of pressure on them from the Ukrainian authorities. Appropriate treatment of journalists was made public at a press conference publication with the participation of chief editor of the online Igor Guzhva and his Deputy Svetlana Kryukova, reports “Strenia”.

So, the appeal says that the Ukrainian government is exercising pressure on Internet publications and his main reactor Guzhva. Reporters call the case against Guzhva fabricated and such, which started to fall apart from day one.

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Deputy Guzhva said the new case against the chief

As noted in the statement, the Ukrainian government to close the “Country” and create a precedent for the Ukrainian media market.

The staff of a newspaper called on the ambassadors to visit the newspaper to show how they work and to tell you the details of the case, noting that “Country” is fighting not only for their existence, but also for freedom of speech in Ukraine, because the pressure may increase on other media.

“What do we need? We need the attention. And we also need protection. We encourage you, distinguished ambassadors of the countries “Big seven”, to pay attention to the pressure on our independent newspaper”, – the statement says.

In addition, journalists noted that they, in turn, created the independent media, which made of exclusive materials, interviews, exposed the corruption schemes of officials and published resonance of the investigation, and were the resource that first published records of the Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko, who fled from Ukraine.



We will remind, in the evening of 22 June, editor-in-chief of the edition “Strenia” of the Igor Guzhva was detained. According to Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, Guzhva received 10 thousand dollars to not publish the dirt on one of the politicians. According to Guzhva, a month ago, the people Deputy from the Radical party Linko offered him money for the placement of materials on the conflict of molting and the adviser to the interior Minister Ilya Kiva. Guzhva says that he refused the money. The Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev chose the Guzhva a measure of restraint in the form of detention in custody with the opportunity to contribute to 544 thousand hryvnias of pledge.

Note, in 2015, Igor Guzhva was wanted on suspicion of intentional evasion from paying taxes on about $ 18 million. On 1 August he arrived in Kiev and immediately went to the investigator a statement that it did not intend to hide from law enforcement.

Video editor “Strenia” released from custody

TSN. Wounds

27 Jun, 12:53

On 29 July it became known that Igor Guzhva left the media holding “Vesti Ukraine”, and also stepped down as editor-in-chief of the daily newspaper “Vesti”.

Later, former chief editor of the newspaper “Vesti” Igor Guzhva has made for himself a pledge of $ 1 million 35 thousand 300 UAH (about 850 times the minimum wage), his court-appointed 4 Aug.