The national Bank explained the strengthening of the hryvnia in 2017.

From the beginning of 2017, January-June, according to the official exchange rate of hryvnia strengthened against the dollar by 4%.

This is stated in the macroeconomic and monetary review, the National Bank of Ukraine in June, published on the website.

It is also noted that in June the Ukrainian national currency has strengthened by 1%.

In particular, the NBU believe that the reason for this was the excess receipts of foreign currency from non-residents over transfers, which allowed the regulator to buy foreign currency to replenish international reserves.

“The positive balance of the purchase by the national Bank currency on the interbank currency market amounted to about $ 300 million. USA in June and 1.4 billion. since the beginning of the year,” added the regulator.

We will remind, after the weekend’s main currency fell in the course of the national Bank. The official dollar rate Monday – 26,02 of the hryvnia.

In the state budget for 2017 laid down the dollar to 27.2 UAH. Throughout its history, the hryvnia has set a record of more than two years ago – February 26, 2015 in NBU official exchange United States dollar amounted to 30.01 UAH, and the Euro – 34,04 UAH.

Government exchange forecast is that the exchange rate of the hryvnia (average per year) in 2018 will amount to 29.3 UAH per dollar, in 2019 – 30.5 UAH per dollar in 2020 – 31 UAH per dollar.

The US dollar exchange rate of the NBU
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The Euro exchange rate of the NBU
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