The national Bank began forcibly to collect debts on loans of the former shareholders of the “PrivatBank”

The National Bank of Ukraine has accused former shareholders of the “PrivatBank” in fulfillment of the undertaken obligations.

According to the regulator in the social network Facebook, said on the completion on 1 July this year the period for voluntary restructuring of loans of the former owners of PJSC “PrivatBank”.

“So now the state, and PJSC “PrivatBank” transferred to the legal foreclosure process and implement an appropriate legal strategy, specific steps which can not yet be disclosed. Bank procedure will be similar to a normal foreclosure process in case of overdue debt, so we are talking more about enforcement proceedings”, – stated in the NBU.

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On 2 July this year, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine published a letter of the former shareholders of the “PrivatBank” Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov with a request to carry out the acquisition of government stake in the Bank and to take a positive decision on its further capitalization. “This was done to avoid bankruptcy. Turning to the government requesting the transfer of the Bank property, the former shareholders of the Bank to unilaterally pledged to promote the process of nationalization of the Bank, not to exert pressure on the state authorities and the new leadership of the Bank, not to interfere with the activities of the Bank in the future and to restructure the loan portfolio by 1 July 2017 to cover the losses of the state”, – stated in the message of the Ministry of Finance.

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In turn, the company Triantal Investments LTD businessmen Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov, which before the nationalization, “Privat” was the owner of 16.8% of the shares of financial institutions, filed a lawsuit in the District administrative court of Kiev. The essence of the claim – “the recognition of actions unlawful, to compel to take actions,” according to the court’s website. Details about the plaintiff not specified.

The defendant (the debtor) is the national Bank of Ukraine, and third parties – the Ministry of Finance and “PrivatBank”. The session was appointed on July 27.