Will not take your bare hands. In the UK, fully naked brawler started a fight in the street

In one of the cities in the UK there was a strange fight involving fully Nude men and clothed the enemy.

This was reported by “The Mirror”.

Paradoxical fight in the street, took the phone shocked witnesses.

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Man in the style of “Nude” tried to strike his opponent, but he then began to pursue him.

Unlike his antagonist, that fight wearing only socks, another participant of the fight was wearing a black hat, shirt, pants and shoes. The video ends with a scene where he stood over her naked opponent, who fell to the ground.

The video has already become viral on Facebook. 4 hours Saturday it looked at 22 000 times. Users of social networks reported that the fight occurred in the town of Colne (Lancashire) in the UK.

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It remains a mystery why the fight began and why one of its members was naked. The local police any calls from the scene have not received.

Recall that in the summer solstice thousands of Australians dived naked into the icy water. In this way local people celebrated the arrival of warm season, because now in the southern hemisphere winter.

Videodesexy Australians in the longest night of the year naked dived into the water

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