Congratulate USA independence Day: guess which of these American laws real

On Tuesday, July 4, the United States of America celebrate the signing of the Declaration of independence from Kingdom of great Britain.

Most Americans used to call this national holiday date – “Fourth of July”.

241 years of independence, the residents of the state celebrate with fireworks, parades, barbecues, concerts and family gatherings.

Traditionally, politicians appeal to the public and hosts various public events.

The celebration takes place in each of the 50 States and the Federal district of Columbia. However, not each of them is citizens can afford the same liberties. Some seemingly ordinary things, in some States you can go to jail.

It should be recognized that some of the laws are outdated, some is misinterpreted, and the others have simply not correspond to the current time.

So we decided to make a test with the funny laws of the United States and check to see if you can guess which ones exist and which the imagination of our editor.