Desperate step: in Mexico, the mayor of a small town engaged with a crocodile for the sake of the citizens

The mayor of the small Mexican town of San Pedro took for a wife the reptile.

In honor of the wedding had a big celebration, says the story TSN.Morning. The townspeople danced, sang and helped to dress the bride in a white dress and veil. What distinguishes it from other brides, so it’s toothy maw.

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The bride biting mouth she had to stop. On the eve of the ceremony the reptile is christened, and now are married in the city hall.

Video for the benefit of the citizens the mayor of the Mexican town has married a crocodile

TSN. Wounds

Today, 09:11

On such desperate step, the mayor of San Pedro went for the happiness and prosperity of citizens. According to local tradition, the marriage of crocodile brings prosperity, good harvest and good catch – that is especially important for the fishing town. This tradition for over two hundred years. And every year the mayor of the city and take part in a symbolic wedding with crocodylinae.

We will remind, the pastor of the Church “of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” Jonathan Mtetwa Saginaw trying to demonstrate biblical miracle on the river the Crocodile in Zimbabwe. According to DailyMail, he drowned in the pond and was eaten by predators. Witnesses were members of the Church.